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Northern Lights on the Dead Sea Scrolls

A collection of papers from the first four Nordic symposia will be published by Brill in the series Studies in the Texts of the Desert of Judah by summer 2008.


George Brooke: "From Bible to Midrash: Understanding Biblical Interpretation in the Dead Sea Scrolls and its Modern Interpreters."

Torleif Elgvin, "How to Reconstruct a Fragmented Scroll: The Puzzle of 4Q422."

Esther Eshel: "The Dream-Visions in the Genesis Apocryphon."

Hanan Eshel: "Two Historical Layers in 1QpHab.".

Daniel Falk, "4QReworked Pentateuch Reconsidered."

Jesper Høgenhaven, "The Copper Scroll: A New Evaluation."

Jutta Jokiranta and Cecilia Wassen: "Fictive Familial Language in the Dead Sea Scrolls."

Magnar Kartveit, "Who are the 'fools' in 4QNarrative and Poetic Compositiona-c?"

Jonathan Norton, "Perceptions of Plurality: Reflections on Paul's Use of Scripture and the Biblical 'Text' of the Qumran Corpus."

Mladen Popovic, "Physiognomics and Astrology in the Dead Sea Scrolls."

Juhana Saukkonen, "Selection, Election, and Rejection: Interpretation of Genesis in 4Q252."

Håkan Ulfgard, "The Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice and the Heavenly Scene of the Book of Revelation."

Hanne von Weissenberg, "New Readings in 4QMMT."

Ian Werret, "The Reconstruction of 4QMMT: A Critical Assessment."


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