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The internal discussion area can be found at Access to the discussion is protected by a password and only available to the network members.

For the visitor landing on this page, there can also be some public discussion on various matters that can and should be aired in this open section of the website. Some matters will be added as they manifest. The first of these is based in the funding of any projects whether major or minor so we will look briefly at the monetary side of any project that may be raised.

Financial Concerns

One important aspect of any study that merits further discussion is the financial concerns that crop up when such activities are proposed and planned. The swing into action of any project will naturally attract certain financial burdens that will either be met in full or sidelined pending the necessary lifting of any budget constraints currently put into place.

It was found useful to make use of certain external financial advisory resources such as and such others as cropped up from time to time. The main areas to be covered are staffing and materials necessary for the planned scheme to go ahead and be fully covered by the necessary personnel and whatever accoutrements they require to do the job at hand.


This page last updated on 19 October 2017